is organic certification body compliant with ISO Guide 17065 and EN 45011.

ECOGLOBE is founded in 2002 as organic certification body. The organization promotes local organic markets and opens access to world markets.
ECOGLOBE vision is based on goals of sustainable development. It takes practical actions to protect the environment, human health and promote socio-economic development.
ECOGLOBE takes the initiative in development and enforcement of public and private standards. It creates professional capacities to check the compliance and to provide competent and recognized certification.

ECOGLOBE activities and services:

    • Organic Certification
    • Independent On-Site Inspections
    • Developing standards
    • Conducting trainings for inspectors, producers and other certification bodies.

ECOGLOBE provides:

    • International Accessibility
    • Cost accessible fees
    • Services for different organic sectors
    • Guarantee of Organic Integrity
    • Qualified personnel

ECOGLOBE certifies according to the following standards:

    • EU Regulations 834/2007, 889/2008 and 1235/2008 equivalence
    • SWISS Organic Farming Ordinance equivalence
    • USDA NOP 7 CFR 205 (covering USA and Canada)
    • ECOGLOBE “Green Caucasus” private organic label & standard
    • WHO/FAO Codex Alimentarius

ECOGLOBE accreditations and recognitions:

    • USDA National Organic Program’s Accredited Certifying Agent
    • DAkkS, Germany (ISO 17065, EC Reg’s 834/2007, 889/2008 equivalence)
    • European Commission’s recognition
    • Swiss Confederation’s recognition (Swiss Organic Farming Ordinance)
    • BIOSUISSE ORGANIC recognition

Certification areas:

    • Agricultural production (plant production, livestock, beekeeping, wild plant’s collection);
    • Processing of agricultural production
    • Export (import), handling/trade of agricultural production.

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