How do I start certification?

You will need to fill the application form, send it to us with confirmation of application fee paid. After you will receive the pricing offer and contract. After contracting, you take the responsibility to start you’re your organic operation and follow the standard you chose.



Which standard should I choose?

You have to identify the markets, where you want to sell your product, to identify the applicable standard. We recommend to apply for multiple standards at once, it cuts your inspection cost by covering several standards with only one visit, it gives you opportunity to negotiate with more potential buyers internationally.



How many times a year Certification body controls me?

Although at least 1 Inspection visit is mandatory, in case of need of additional inspections there might be several of them. Except of inspections, Certification body controls and updates all the other activities remotely, by documentation exchange during whole year.



How long is my certificate valid?

After you received a one year certificate, you are obliged to update it every year and stay in the certification system. Once withdrawing certificate, you will need to start it from the scratch.



How much certification will cost for my operation?

The Certification cost is being calculated based on Price Tariffs published on website. To get a certification price offer, please fill the application form and send it to us, so we can calculate the actual cost, or make your own average calculations.